BioDay 2009

ENVIRONMENT: When Conservation Bumps Up Against Conflict

Driving through Tijuana and long stretches of northern Baja, conservationist Zach Plopper loves his job but hates the commute.

The Barapete cave mouth. Credit: Malini Shankar/IPS

ENVIRONMENT: Rare Bats Left Unprotected

A rare species of bats is in danger in western India because it has been denied Protected Area status.

ENVIRONMENT: Deep CO2 Cuts May Be Last Hope for Acid Oceans

Ocean acidification offers the clearest evidence of dangers of climate change. And yet the indisputable fact that burning fossil fuels is slowly turning the oceans into an acid bath has been largely ignored by industrialised countries and their climate treaty negotiators, concluded delegates from 76 countries at the World Oceans Conference in Manado, Indonesia.

BRAZIL: Vigil Against Farming Offensive in Amazon

Celebrities and environmental organisations held a vigil at the Brazilian Congress in an effort to block passage of a bill that they say could cause an even greater "environmental disaster" in the Amazon jungle.

The world

ENVIRONMENT: Scientists Shepherd Dwindling Right Whales

When a North Atlantic right whale swimming near Boston bellows at 3 a.m., a phone rings in a small town in upstate New York.

ENVIRONMENT: Coral Reefs Lucky – This Time

Scientists have been surprised by the rapid recovery of coral reefs from mass bleaching on Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef, but they warn that reefs remain particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change.