Persian Gulf

IRAQ: Arab Troops Would Be Unwelcome

The appointed Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi faces vehement opposition to his move to deploy troops from other Muslim countries.

UAE: Marine Pollution Threatens Drinking Water Supply

Located in one of the most arid regions of the world, Gulf countries depend heavily on seawater desalination for their drinking water. But experts warn that unabated pollution of the Gulf waters could soon make it impossible to treat seawater for human consumption.

LABOUR: Iraq Still Attracts Filipinos Despite Govt Ban

The ordeal of a Filipino truck driver freed by militants after his country withdrew its troops from Iraq has not deterred Philippine migrant workers from making their way to the occupied Middle Eastern country through the United Arab Emirates, despite an official ban by Manila.

UAE: Land of Black Gold Focuses on Green Buildings

In a country where oil and natural gas resources are abundant and appear limitless, it would seem that environmental consciousness would take a backseat. But in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the 'green' bug has wormed its way into most sectors, and the latest to join the bandwagon is the construction sector.

UAE: Age-Old Arab Sport Faces Bleak Future

The picture of an Arab warrior dressed in flowing white robes, seated astride his stallion with a falcon seated on his outstretched arm is an awe-inspiring one. Arabs and falcons have an age-old relationship and it is difficult to imagine one without the other.

GULF: Iran Sends Confusing Signals in Tit for Tat Marine Actions

A series of escalating spats in the Gulf waters between Iran, on one hand, and the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman, on the other, has cast a large shadow over relations between these countries.

LABOUR-UAE: New System Offers Legal Cover for Domestic Workers

Foreign domestic workers in the United Arab Emirates do not often get to speak up for themselves, but a new system that authorities are putting in place might just give them that room - as well as a legal weapon against abusive bosses.

AFGHANISTAN: Everything but Peace

On the flight out of Dubai, an item in the pockets of the passenger seats removes all doubt about the airplane's destination: along with the laminated sheet detailing aircraft safety procedures is a brochure from the United Nations Landmine Action Service explaining how to avoid death or injury from the explosive devices in Afghanistan.

POLITICS-GULF: Arab Leaders Reticent over Interim Iraq Gov’t

Arab states seem to be adopting a wait-and- see attitude, and reserving their kudos, after Iraqi leaders cut a deal Tuesday with the United States and United Nations on a new interim government that will lead the country towards its first elections, next year, in a post-Saddam Hussein era.

GULF: Attacks on Foreign Workers Pressure Oil Price

A bloody hostage crisis in Saudi Arabia's petroleum-producing hinterland, just weeks after an attack on foreign oil workers, has stoked fears of further destabilisation of the world's largest oil producer.

GULF: Despite Bad Press, Tourism Growing in Region

Standing at her hotel's exhibition booth at the Arabian Travel Market earlier this month, Anne Bleeker was all smiles. She thinks business is brisk and can only get better.

/ARTS WEEKLY/CULTURE-MIDEAST: Traditional Arab Instrument Struggles to Be Heard

It closely resembles the guitar, yet the oud's distinct musical notes give it a unique identity of its own.

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