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Uganda chief justice Benjamin Odoki says arbitration will help reduce the backlog in the courts. Credit: Joshua Kyalimpa/IPS

UGANDA: Mob Justice Increases as Court Backlogs Escalate

Sam Kubo had gone to lease out his 600 hectares of land in Kayunga district. But instead he went to his death.

Villagers are reviving community traditions disrupted by 20 years of armed conflict. Credit:  Joshua Kyalimpa/IPS

UGANDA: Rebuilding Home and Hearth

Dusk gathers in the thickets of Palemy village, in the Gulu district of northern Uganda. Men, women, and children follow foot paths through the dark to the residence of Mzee Otto Yuvani.

UGANDA: Lifting Silence on Menstruation to Keep Girls in School

More than half of Ugandan girls who enrol in grade one drop out before sitting for their primary school-leaving examinations.

UGANDA-RIGHTS: Bride Price: You Feel You Are Family Property

John Owor is a paid spokesperson for brides and grooms. His job is to represent one of the parties during traditional marriage negotiations, which involves the payment of a bride price.

RIGHTS-AFRICA: Ugandan Court Asked to Declare Bride Price Unconstitutional

Deborah Awori could not stop her husband from selling their 14-year-old daughter away in marriage using the time-honoured tradition of asking for a "bride price".

Florence Mukambi (left) will always bear the brunt of the country

RIGHTS-AFRICA: Elusive Justice for Victims of Gender-Based Violence

Florence Mukambi will always bear the brunt of the country’s post-election violence.

Three out of ten men reporting to the Refugee Law Project say they have been raped. Credit:  Refugee Law Project

RIGHTS-UGANDA: You Are Worth Nothing

Widespread gender-based violence against women and children in the conflict zones of the Great Lakes region has received some attention in recent years; less well-known is the extent of sexual violence against men.

Village health team focal person Robert Kito giving guidelines to his team members at Gombe hospital compound. Credit:  Joshua Kyalimpa/IPS

UGANDA: Village Health Teams – First Draft of a Solution

Primary health care in Uganda is hampered by a shortage of doctors and nurses, but trained volunteers from the community are stepping into the breach.

Members of the Katosi Women Development Trust building a cistern to store rainwater. Credit:  Joshua Kyalimpa/IPS

WATER-UGANDA: Creating a ‘Safe Water Chain’

Uganda spends close to $10 million each year treating waterborne diseases; the productive time lost to illness and caring for the sick has an even greater financial impact. But residents of Katosi village on the shores of Lake Victoria aren't waiting for the government to find a solution.

UGANDA: In Search of Peace and Justice

Alice Anywar lives in the Pagak resettlement camp in Gulu and at 39 is a multiple victim of the over 20 year-old Lords Resistance Army (LRA) insurgency in northern Uganda. The rebels first attacked her home in Kilak village in 1987 killing both her parents and abducting her 12-year old brother. In 2002 they murdered her husband whom she had met in a refugee camp.

Bagging papyrus - women are creating livelihoods and providing an affordable alternative for menstrual hygiene. Credit:  Joshua Kyalimpa/IPS

HEALTH-UGANDA: Pads From Papyrus

The average income in the Kyenjojo district in western Uganda is less than a dollar a day. Spending twice that on a single sanitary pad is an unaffordable luxury for most women.

Sustainable and equitable management is needed to preserve livelihoods along the Nile River. Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Ten years of negotiations over a new protocol governing shared use of the Nile River are hanging in the balance, with Egypt and Sudan refusing to give up their present power over how much water is used by countries further upstream.

Sarah Kagino with her prized Friesian cow. Credit:  Joshua Kyalimpa/IPS

DEVELOPMENT: Change Comes To Villages in Uganda

In her village they call her ‘councillor’. But Jenipher Namugwere is no ordinary councillor elected by the people to represent them in the local council.

The budget may fail women like these. Credit:  Joshua Kyalimpa/IPS

UGANDA: On the Global Market Track to Prosperity

Uganda's finance ministry has ambitious plans to reduce the country’s donor dependence. With foreign funds accounting for almost 50 percent of the national budget, officials believe a slew of measures announced in the 2008/09 budget could bring that down to about 30 percent.

The Open Cage drama series encourages women to speak out. Credit:  Manoocher Deghati/IRIN

UGANDA: Radio Drama Strengthens Women’s Voices

Fifteen-year-old Taboni's parents are in a bind. Their daughter has been raped by the commandant of the squalid internally-displaced persons camp they call home, and they do not know what to do.

DEVELOPMENT-UGANDA: Looming Problems With Kampala's Water

The water supply for two million residents of the Ugandan capital Kampala is threatened by a combination of ill-planned urbanisation and changing rainfall patterns.

HEALTH-UGANDA: Fight Against AIDS Faltering?

Uganda's approach to the fight against HIV/AIDS is under scrutiny by activists. The country has won international acclaim for its 20-year campaign against the AIDS pandemic, but the latest numbers lead some activists believe Uganda is now losing ground.

The return of IDPs like this Ugandan girl to their homes is in jeopardy as a peace agreement remains unsigned Credit: Manoocher Deghati/IRIN

UGANDA: Hopes For Final Peace Falter

When he was 10 years old, Alfred Bogomin fled Paicho village in northern Uganda along with his family to escape from the Lord's Resistance Army rebels. After 20 years in a displaced persons camp, he returned to his ancestral home last month.

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