Stories written by Laure Pichegru

WORLD: Cooking Up a Climate Deal

Another round of negotiations towards a global treaty on climate change concluded in Bonn on Aug. 6, with activists calling on parties to rediscover a spirit of compromise and make offers rather than demands.

Nomasonto is not the only child in South Africa traumatised after being forced into the role of becoming a care-giver to HIV-positive parents.  Credit: Laure Pichegru/IPS

SOUTH AFRICA: Trauma of Children Caring for HIV-Positive Parents

Nine-year-old Nomasonto* had no choice but to switch roles with her mother and care for the HIV-positive woman who gave birth to her. Instead of worrying about homework and going out to play with her friends, Nomasonto’s daily concerns were now a matter of life and death.

MADAGASCAR: Calls for Equality to be Written into New Constitution

Madagascan female activists are asking that the right of women to participate directly in politics be included in a new draft of the country’s Constitution, so that there can be 30 percent of female politicians in parliament by 2012 and 50 percent by 2015.

Truck in northern Niger: thousands of migrants cross the Sahara to Libya in hopes of traveling on to Europe. Credit:  Ibrahim Diallo Manzo/IRIN

LIBYA: Death Penalty Falls Heavily on Migrants

The Libyan government handed over 276 prisoners to authorities from neighbouring Niger on Jun. 17. But none of the dozen or more Nigeriens facing the death sentence in Libya were among them.

FARDC troops on parade: activists fear continuing efforts to drive out rebels only intensifies violence against civilians - even by the army itself. Credit:  Eddy Isango/IRIN

DR CONGO: Pursuing Rebels at What Price

Operation Amani Leo, launched jointly by MONUC (the United Nations Mission in Congo) and FARDC (the Congolese army) in January to regain control of mining territories in the eastern provinces of North and South Kivu from rebels, while ensuring security for the local population has been extended to September. But Congolese women are arguing for changes in the conduct of military operations.

MALAWI: Changing the Face of Politics

The face of politics is changing in the southern African country of Malawi. And civil society is making plans to ensure that it changes even more.

The 1GOAL Campaign is urging governments to live up to their promises to provide every child access to quality education. Credit:  Marshall Patsanza/IPS

AFRICA: Renewing the Promise of Education for All

The World Cup is wreaking havoc with a key millennium development goal in South Africa: as the football tournament hit its stride, not a single child across the nation attended school.

MALAWI: Gay Couple Released After Presidential Pardon

Five months and a day after their arrest, the gay Malawian couple who dared to publicly declare their union with a traditional engagement party were pardoned by the president and released without conditions.


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