Stories written by Malgorzata Stawecka

For Champions of Degrowth, Less Is Much More

The concept of degrowth is not a very comfortable one in overdeveloped countries such as the United States.

Kirsty Hughes

Q&A: Press Ethics Under Scrutiny in the UK

Upheaval over a new system of press regulation, which envisages stronger government intervention in the media, is posing a growing threat to Britain's age-old press freedom and to that same freedom worldwide.

Courtesy of Han Demin.

Q&A: “There Is No National Boundary for Medical Care”

For millions of people in developing countries, having cataracts means permanently impaired vision or even blindness. While treatment can fix the problem, the cost is well beyond most sufferers' reach.

Record Number Seeks Food Aid in the U.S.

Against the backdrop of a spreading global economic crisis, exacerbated by changing climate patterns, the global aim of guaranteeing food security for all by 2015 appears to be far from being achieved.

Report Accuses China of Mass Forced Evictions

Wang Jiazheng's family was sleeping at home when the bulldozers, along with security officers, entered their village at dawn.

Lois DeMott visits her son Kevin, age 20, at the Woodland Correctional Facility two weeks after his release from a prolonged stay in solitary confinement in 2012. Credit: Human Rights Watch

U.S.: Thousands of Teen Inmates Relegated to Isolation

“Being in isolation to me felt like I was on an island all alone, dying a slow death from the inside out,” said “Kyle B.” from California, who was placed in solitary confinement before he turned 18.

Muhammad Shahzad

Q&A: In Pakistan, Youth Participation Key to Progress

The burgeoning youth population in Pakistan plays a vital role in addressing the country's major challenges and in shaping its future, both for young people today and for generations to come.

Rights Groups Slam Bahraini Court Ruling

Human rights groups reacted with condemnation following a ruling by Bahrain’s highest court Monday rejecting the last appeals and upholding the convictions of nine medics for their role in the 2011 uprising in the capital  Manama.

Q&A: “Women and Girls Must Be Front and Centre”

With the global population on track to reach a staggering nine billion people by 2050, according to U.N. figures, a stronger action plan is needed to address the challenges of ending poverty, ensuring a well-functioning health system and access to education, as well as guaranteeing social inclusion for all.

Participants on the first day of the Fifth Session on the Conference of States Parties to the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, hosted by the U.N. Sep. 12-14, 2012. Credit: UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

Involuntary Sterilisation Threatens Rights of Disabled Women

In 1996, Maria Mamerita Mestanza Chavez, a 33-year-old Peruvian mother of seven, was threatened with imprisonment if she did not comply with the government policy of undergoing sterilisation. After suffering post-operative complications for which she was refused treatment, Chavez died nine days later.


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