Stories written by Silvia Romanelli

Undocumented Workers Find Courage in Solidarity

Ataur was 18 when he left Bangladesh and arrived in the United States in 1991 as an undocumented migrant. He took two jobs at the same time, earning about 35 dollars a day in total.

Faulty Voter Rolls Could Undermine Cambodia’s July Elections

With the Cambodian national assembly elections fast approaching on Jul. 28, local and international organisations are expressing concerns about the fairness and transparency of the electoral system.

Q&A: Empower Indigenous Women to Assert Their Rights

Women around the world are exposed to domestic violence, sexual and economic exploitation, gender-based violence, female genital mutilation and child marriage. For indigenous women and girls, however, the risk of being victims of such issues is especially high.

BOOKS: The Brothel Next Door

The underground sex trade is closer to our everyday world than we may think.

Q&A: “Video Puts the Human into Human Rights”

“We live in a world where billions of citizen witnesses have cameras in their pockets. The opportunities are endless to document human rights violations,” Chris Michael, head of training and partnerships at WITNESS, tells IPS.

Migratory “Flyways” Decimated by Human Expansion

Migratory birds, which play an important role in the complex web of life known as ecosystem services, are under threat as never before, with some species facing extinction within the next decade.

Climate Change Is Happening… So What?

Seven in 10 U.S. citizens believe climate change is real and happening now. Yet most have never even contacted a government official about the issue, let alone volunteered with an environmental organisation or taken other action.

Migration: A Process, Not a Problem

From 155 million in 1990, the number of migrants in the world today has reached 214 million, with “one in every seven persons on the globe…in a migratory status”, according to William Lacy Swing, director-general of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

Money becomes the priority in anti-malaria struggle

The global fight against malaria has now come down to a question of money, according to Jeffrey Sachs, the United Nations Special Advisor for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), whose 2015 target date is approaching fast.

G-Global, looking for a more inclusive global economy

The need to restructure global economic governance in a more inclusive and effective way was stressed at a conference sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan, at the U.N.Headquarters in New York.