"In Women's Words"

Costa Rica Holds Out Hope for LGBT Rights in Central America

Grey-haired gay activist Marco Castillo and his partner Rodrigo Campos are about to enjoy equal health care rights. For the first time in Costa Rica, and in Central America as a whole, homosexual couples will enjoy the same access to public health services as heterosexuals.

Gender must be on COP17 agenda: SADC

The head of SADCs gender unit, Magdeline Mathiba-Madibela, says climate change affects women in Southern Africa and their plight must be discussed at COP 17 in Durban later this month. Zukiswa Zimela interviews Mathiba-Madibela in Gaborone and asked her what is needed to protect women against climate change.

Zambian farmers blame climate change for drought

Zambian farmers say a lack of rain is putting a strain on their crops and they are starting to point their fingers at climate change. Brian Moonga reports from Lusaka.

Women must be more active in African government

Women should take a more active role in ensuring peace and security on the African continent. Zukiswa Zimela reports from the fifth ordinary session of the Pan African Parliament in Midrand, South Africa.

Zambia needs to do more on gender equality

Zambia has signed numerous international treaties to help promote gender equality, among them the International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention on equal pay for work of equal value. But, as Brian Moonga reports, some gender activists feel much more needs to be done to reach gender parity.

Women need more backing for business

A lack of funding is stopping South Africa businesswomen from reaching their rightfull place in the commercial sector. Zukiswa Zimela interviews the awardwinning CEO of Sikelela, Nondumiso Mzizana.

SA needs to use water more than once

Experts say South Africa needs to focus on reusing its water or it will be forced to import the resource from beyond its borders. Zukiswa Zimela reports from Johannesburg.