Zimbabwe Electoral Commission

Mugabe Opponents ‘Intimidated’

Voting may have ended in Zimbabwe’s presidential election, but the controversy around the vote has not.

Zimbabwe’s Electoral Commission Shaken by Vote

As a second commissioner from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) resigns, local opposition parties and analysts are questioning the organisation’s credibility and President Robert Mugabe’s victory. 

Zimbabweans Wary of Another Stolen Election

Gibson Muzungu’s hope for a free and fair election on Jul. 31 has faded after local Zimbabwe Africa National Union-Patriotic Front party officials seized his identity card, apparently to check if he was a registered voter.

Complicated Registration ‘Designed’ to Prevent Zimbabweans From Voting

Like many other aspiring voters, Emilia Magirazi, 27, braved a chilly winter's morning as she waited patiently to register as a voter in the slow-moving queue at Kuwadzana 8 Primary School in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare.


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