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International Youth Day 2023

Aug 12 2023 -  

Today, the world is embarking on a green transition.

A shift towards an environmentally sustainable and climate-friendly world is critical.

This transition depends on the development of green skills in the population.

Especially amongst today’s youth.

These skills include changing and moulding knowledge, values and attitudes.

And they will form abilities needed to develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society.

Green skills are relevant for people of all ages.

But they have heightened importance for younger people.

As those who will inherit our current progress, they will contribute to humanity for longer.

But their journey won’t be easy.

They will endure severe climate events for longer.

They will endure prolonged heatwaves, crop failures, droughts and flooding.

They will experience significant changes in economic opportunities due to climate change.

They will lose 40% of the jobs and trades reliant on a healthy planet.

They will also need to mitigate an accelerating technological divide.

67% of youth do not have digital skills due to a lack of basic resources.

This year’s International Youth Day is our opportunity to set a new course:

“Green Skills For Youth: Towards A Sustainable World”.



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