Stories written by Jassmyn Goh

For Many Asian LGBT Youth, Homophobia Starts at Home

To teenagers, running away can seem like the easiest answer to problems at home, but for Alex* it was his only option when his family refused to accept that he identified as a transgender male.

Deploying Morals Against Weapons of Mass Destruction

With legislation, legality and policy at the forefront of governmental decisions on nuclear weapons, what seemingly gets neglected are our morals.

A Guidance Note to Protect Schools and Hospitals

With increasing reports on targeted attacks on schools and hospitals in armed conflict areas, a guidance note aiming to help prevent and end these violations was launched on Wednesday.

Nuke Free Mideast Conference in Limbo

With lingering doubts about the long-delayed international conference for a nuclear weapons-free zone in the Middle East, a Finnish diplomat said there has been progress in getting the event underway.

Bringing Awareness to the Madhouses

Starting off with the high-energy number “Welcome to the Madhouse,” the new musical “Committed” gives the audience a mix of ups and downs along with humour, intelligence and awareness of mental health.

Weiwei Exhibits His Art in Absentia

Without authorisation to leave China for the US, artist and activist Ai Weiwei has opened the last leg of his touring North-American exhibition in New York.

Kuwait Delivers Aid Pledges to Syria

A message of hope has been delivered to the people of Syria in the form of generous humanitarian aid from an oil-blessed Gulf nation: Kuwait.

Peace for Sustainable Development

Although world peace has been a societal goal for centuries it cannot be achieved without sustainable development and vice-versa, a high-ranking U.N. official said Wednesday.

Global Citizenship Starts with Education

For peace to be embedded in culture and society, it starts with childhood education which leads to the creation of global citizens, according to a panel of experts.

Lost Children Call for Help to Find Parents

The “dirty war” in Argentina, that occurred 38 years ago, has left the country mystified, with disappearances still a continuing crime, a victim of the war said Friday.

Targeting the Humanitarian Side of Drones

Failure to account and justify lethal drone activity by the United States represents a major violation of international law and international human rights law, a former U.N. rapporteur said Wednesday.

Planting Seeds for Women’s Roles in Forest Management

The role of women in the management of forests is crucial for the success of sustainable development, according to diplomats and experts meeting Friday to commemorate International Day of Forests.

Humanitarian Issues Ignored by Crisis-Stricken Venezuelan Government

Despite escalating tensions and anti-government demonstrations, the Venezuelan government has not addressed any human rights issues regardless of the rising death toll and captive political prisoners, a panel of experts stressed Monday.


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