Stories written by Jedi Ramalapa

Senegalese Students Call for President to Step Down

The friends of slain Senegalese student protester, Mamadou Diop, say that the 32-year-old master’s student was against injustice and that is why he was protesting against President Abdoulaye Wade’s bid for a third term of office.

Q&A: Independence of Sudan’s Electoral Commission Questioned

Sudan's National Electoral Commission says problems are limited to a few constituencies. But election monitors have observed irregularities across the country.

SPLA soldiers in the Abyei area during North-South tension in June 2008 Credit:  Timothy McKulka/IRIN

SUDAN: Peace Agreement Proving Less Than Comprehensive

The 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) ended one of Africa's longest and complex civil wars, with nominal agreement reached on security, wealth sharing, and governance issues. But there are renewed fears that conflict could erupt again in the country as divisions between the north and the south deepen.

Ingrid Srinath:

Q&A: Women Should Be More Than Window Dressing

Women in developing countries are among the most vulnerable to the effects of crisis - be that climate change, food price hikes, the HIV/AIDS pandemic or the global recession. It is becoming more commonplace to hear women's testimony, but are women's voices heard when it comes to deciding on solutions?

AFRICA: "Grasp the Benefits of Trade with BRIC Emerging Markets"

While economists at a prominent South African bank are excited about burgeoning investment by Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) in Africa, they are vague on the question of the extent to which it will benefit the majority of Africans. Ensuring this, they believe, is the responsibility of African states themselves.


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