Stories written by Sarah McHaney

Lead Funder on AIDS, Malaria, TB Gets a Reboot

After weathering the departure of its executive director amidst a misallocation scandal earlier this year, the world's largest funder of programmes to address HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria is poised to announce a new leader Thursday.

Christian Right’s Influence Shaken by U.S. Election

For decades, right-leaning white Christian evangelicals, currently at least 25 percent of the U.S. electorate, have been a significant and influential voting demographic.

Women Poised to Vote for Stronger Economy

A few weeks ago, President Barack Obama was seen as certain to collect the majority of women's votes in the Nov. 6 presidential election. Four days before the election, however, the women's vote is thought to be divided equally between Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.

New Drugs Underused in Averting Maternal Deaths

In most developing countries, where a woman gives birth still determines whether she lives or dies, despite the availability of inexpensive new medication that is proven to save lives.

Shale Gas Extraction Brings Local Health Impacts

Shale gas extraction is putting some U.S. communities at risk of health issues, new research released here Thursday warns.

In TB Fight, It’s ‘Pay Now or Pay Later’

The next several years could see either the elimination of tuberculosis in some regions or millions of otherwise preventable deaths, according to new research released in Washington Wednesday by the World health Organisation (WHO).

Rich Nations Fall Short of Development Potential

The United States is lagging far behind other developed countries in its policies aimed at improving global prosperity, according to new research.

Progress in Reducing Hunger ‘Tragically Slow’

WASHINGTON, October 11, 2012 (IPS) – At least 20 countries are currently at either "alarming" or "extremely alarming" levels of hunger, according to new research released here on Thursday.

Rising corn prices in the United States have triggered global hunger and political turmoil. Credit: Natural Resources Conservation Service Soil Health Campaign/ CC by 2.0

U.S.: High Corn Prices Spread Global Hunger and Instability

Rising corn prices in the United States brought about by biofuel mandates have cost developing countries 6.6 billion dollars over the past six years, according to new research released here on Wednesday.

New Poll Finds Shifts in U.S. Public Opinion Towards Middle East

The attacks on U.S. embassies in Libya and Egypt last month shocked and scared Americans, but the majority of Americans nevertheless recognise that the violence was the work of extremist minorities and not the majority of the population, according to a new poll.


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