Roxana Saberi

IRAN: Lawyers Seek Reversal in Second "U.S. Spy" Case

In a case that human rights activists say echoes that of recently released journalist Roxana Saberi, the Iranian government has imprisoned a woman employed by a U.S.-based non-profit organisation working to improve child and maternal health in the country, alleging that she acted as a spy for the United States.

Roxana Saberi Credit: Eustacio Humphrey/ZUMA Press

RIGHTS: Iran Releases Journalist in Politicised Case

The release Monday of Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi from Tehran’s Evin Prison has been greeted with relief and concern by international human rights and press freedom groups.

RIGHTS-IRAN: Damaging Forced Confessions

Iranian political refugees living in India say there is an all too familiar ring about the supposed confessions of arrested journalist Roxana Saberi, which they expect to see footage of on television soon.

Roxana Saberi Credit: Eustacio Humphrey/ZUMA Press

RIGHTS-IRAN: Intl Support Mounts for Jailed Journalist

Since Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi was sentenced to eight years in prison last week on the charge of spying for foreign governments, human rights and press freedom groups have become increasingly critical of the political nature of her case and the harsh and unprecedented penalty.

IRAQ: Iran Eases Support to Radical Group – For Now

Iraq's deputy prime minister has credited Tehran with helping curb the activities of a radical Shia Muslim militia, and he is also hoping Iran will do more to help stabilise its western neighbour.

LEBANON: Which Way Lies Democracy

Anti-government demonstrations held in downtown Beirut since Dec. 1 have sparked debate about democracy in Lebanon.

TAJIKISTAN: Key to Continued Secularism in Central Asia

Tajikistan has few natural resources great powers would fight over, but recent events show that foreign capitals are vying for influence in the land-locked central Asian country, whose internal stability is seen as vital to keeping the peace in the region.

TAJIKISTAN: Gender Equality Clashes With Culture, Religion

Women have played important roles in rebuilding Tajikistan after the country's civil war of the 1990's. But women in this central Asian country still have many obstacles to overcome to reach equality with men, according to some local activists and international observers.

TAJIKISTAN: No Prizes for Guessing Election Results

Many Tajiks say they already know who will win their country's presidential elections on Monday - whether or not they turn out at the polls.

MIDEAST: Lebanon Picking Up the Pieces

With the fighting over and many displaced Lebanese residents returning home, the focus is turning toward how to rebuild Lebanon's infrastructure and economy.

MIDEAST: Iranian Shadow Lengthens over Lebanon

While many Lebanese are united in their resentment against Israel for its assault on their country, they are divided in their views of Hezbollah - and of one of its main supporters, Iran.

MIDEAST: Christians Caught in Political Crossfire

Many Lebanese Christians say they feel caught in the middle of a war in which they have a lot to lose and little to gain.

MIDEAST: Arab League Also Steps In

Many Lebanese are welcoming a show of unity by Arab ministers who decided in Beirut Monday to send a delegation to the United Nations to represent Lebanon's interests in ending the current conflict.

MIDEAST: Staying Put Amid the Bombing

Residents of south Lebanon's biggest city and the refugees who have joined them are staying put despite warnings from Israel that it plans to bomb "Hezbollah rocket launching sites" in Sidon, according to the city's mayor.

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