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Superbug carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia (CRKP) Credit: Public domain

WORLD HEALTH DAY-BRAZIL: First Map of Clusters of Antibiotic Resistance

Scientists in Brazil have created the first map of clusters of antibiotic resistance in Brazil, linking the phenomenon to abuse of the drug and opening doors to guide public policies for antibiotic prescription and sales.

The only road to Angra dos Reis, home of the nuclear power plants, is a narrow ribbon winding between the mountains and the sea.  Credit: Diana Cariboni/IPS

Brazil Beefs Up Nuclear Emergency Plans

The Brazilian government is tightening safety procedures at its two nuclear power stations. Although this South American country is not prone to earthquakes or tsunamis, it is not exempt from natural disasters like landslides and flooding that could jeopardise evacuation plans if a radiation leak occurred.

Latin America’s Gaze Increasingly Turns East

On the heels of U.S. President Barack Obama's trip to Latin America, Washington's traditional role as "regional hegemon" is being reevaluated as its attention focuses on the Arab Spring and an emerging commercial competitor - China - focuses on the U.S.'s backyard.

Developmental challenges keep Southern African markets small, which impinges on the region's ability to benefit from IBSA. Credit: Servaas van den Bosch/IPS

Questions Abound Over Whether IBSA and BRICS Can be Complementary

The IBSA Dialogue Forum, a South-South alliance of India, Brazil and South Africa, could be better suited to the needs of Southern Africa for South-South cooperation than the BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) loose alliance of emerging economies. But Southern Africa will have to beef up its markets to truly benefit.

Sugar cane stretches to the horizon around Ribeirão Preto. Credit: Mario Osava/IPS

Sugar Cane and Ethanol Boom Drives Development in Southern Brazil

The roads are exceptionally good and numerous here, in contrast with other parts of Brazil, but the monotony of the landscape is not inviting to tourists. Sugar cane fields stretch to the horizon along a 400-km stretch of highway to the north of São Paulo.

Dilma Rousseff welcomes Barack Obama at Planalto Palace. Credit: Office of the Brazilian president.

BRAZIL-US: Libya Attack Sours Obama-Rousseff Meeting

The first black president of the United States visited the first woman president of Brazil: their meeting resulted in modest progress in bilateral relations, but a bitter taste could not be avoided over the announcement, in Brazil, of the U.S.-led air attack on Libya.

Obama and Rousseff meeting at the White House, when she was a minister in the Lula administration. Credit: The White House

BRAZIL-US: Obama Promises “Equal Partnership”

The United States says its relations with Latin America must be "an equal partnership" - a new vision or, at least, a new discourse that will have a chance to take more concrete shape during U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Brazil this weekend.

U.S.-LATAM: Obama to Stress the Positive, Show Respect

On the eve of President Barack Obama's first-ever visit to South America, administration officials and independent analysts say that the emphasis throughout his five-day trip will be very much on the positive aspects and possibilities of U.S.-Latin American relations.

Designer Carla Botosso (l) looks on as Angela Machuza weaves carpets in Xai-Xai, Mozambique. Credit: Johannes Myburgh/IPS

TRADE: Chic Carpets Link Mozambique, Denmark and, Soon, Brazil

In two rooms in a small Mozambican coastal town, 70 women are cutting, weaving and packaging fabric carpets destined for eclectic design and homeware stores in Denmark and, soon, Brazil and South Africa.

Businesses in Brazil Rediscover “Route to the Indies”

Companies from Brazil and India -- whose bilateral trade flow rose nearly threefold in the last three years -- are starting to diversify and complement their business dealings in order to strengthen the two emerging powers' economic presence in the world, in a kind of new two-way "route to the Indies".

Banana plantation in Pernambuco, Brazil Credit: Alejandro Arigón/IPS

Brazilian Agriculture Can Help Combat Hunger and Inflation

The current rise in agricultural prices, which now overshadows the increase seen in 2008, highlights the contribution that Brazil could make towards curbing the growing hunger and inflation that are threatening the world once again.

IBSA Together in Resisting No-fly Zone

India has found backing at this week's India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) ministers meeting for its stance that a no-fly zone over Libya must follow multilateral consultations.

Brazil Opposed to Military Options in Libya Crisis

Brazil, firmly opposed to a militarisation of the crisis in Libya and in favour of negotiated solutions without foreign intervention, is heading to a Mar. 7-8 ministerial meeting with India and South Africa.

BRAZIL: Rural Women Protest Use of Toxic Agrochemicals

Thousands of women farmers in Brazil demonstrated this week against the use of toxic weedkillers and pesticides on crops and in favour of agricultural techniques that protect their families' health.

BRAZIL: Lending a Hand to Less Developed Countries

Mothers' milk banks that are helping reduce infant mortality in Guatemala and are starting to be set up in Africa as well form part of the numerous social technologies developed by Brazil that are driving the fast growth of its international development cooperation.

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