In The Eye Of A Storm

The rainfall accumulated in just 48 hours made it necessary to open the floodgates of the Zaza reservoir in central Cuba.  Credit:Vicente Brito-AIN/IPS

Abrupt Shift from Drought to Flooding in Central Cuba

The sudden shift from drought to heavy rainfall that caused severe flooding in central Cuba drove home to the authorities the need to redesign preparedness and prevention plans for climate-related emergencies.

Women in Brazil Turn to Eco-Friendly Farming in Wake of Storms

In the green belt of market gardens that feeds the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, women farmers are learning environmentally friendly techniques in response to extreme weather events and their effects on the land.

Buenos Aires Unprepared for More Intense Storms**

The 18 deaths caused by a storm that hit Buenos Aires earlier this month tragically demonstrate the lack of preparedness for the ever more frequent and powerful weather events faced by the Argentine capital and its suburbs.

Sea Change in Climate Adaptation Planning in Cuba

One of the major challenges facing Cuba as it designs climate change adaptation policies is the preservation of its coastal ecosystems against the predicted rise in sea level and increasingly catastrophic extreme weather events.

Ramón Pichs, deputy director Centre for the Study of the World Economy.  Credit: Jorge Luis Baños/IPS

Q&A: Needed: Common Caribbean Strategies Against Climate Change

Subject to the double impact of the global economic crisis and climate change, the Caribbean island nations are in need of adaptation strategies in which international cooperation and citizen participation play key roles, says Cuban expert Ramón Pichs.

CUBA: Adapting to Climate Change Proves a Complex Challenge

No one who lives in this fishing village on the south coast, 70 km from the Cuban capital, can forget the devastation wrought by hurricanes in 2008.

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