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Climate Change

Experts Fear Collapse of Global Civilisation

UXBRIDGE, Canada, Jan 11 2013 (IPS) - Experts on the health of our planet are terrified of the future. They can clearly see the coming collapse of global civilisation from an array of interconnected environmental problems.

Poor communities are hit hardest by extreme weather events. Credit: Amantha Perera/IPS

“We’re all scared,” said Paul Ehrlich, president of the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford University.

“But we must tell the truth about what’s happening and challenge people to do something to prevent it,” Ehrlich told IPS.

Global collapse of human civilisation seems likely, write Ehrlich and his partner Anne Ehrlich in the prestigious science journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society.

This collapse will take the form of a “…gradual breakdown because famines, epidemics and resource shortages cause a disintegration of central control within nations, in concert with disruptions of trade and conflicts over increasingly scarce necessities”, they write.

Already two billion people are hungry today. Food production is humanity’s biggest industry and is already being affected by climate and other environmental problems. “No civilisation can avoid collapse if it fails to feed its population,” the authors say.

Escalating climate disruption, ocean acidification, oceanic dead zones, depletion of groundwater and extinctions of plants and animals are the main drivers of the coming collapse, they write in their peer-reviewed article “Can a collapse of global civilisation be avoided?” published this week.

Dozens of earth systems experts were consulted in writing the 10-page paper that contains over 160 references.

“We talked to many of the world’s leading experts to reflect what is really happening,” said Ehrlich, who is an eminent biologist and winner of many scientific awards.

Our reality is that current overconsumption of natural resources and the resulting damage to life-sustaining services nature provides means we need another half of a planet to keeping going. And that’s if all seven billion remain at their current living standards, the Ehrlichs write.

If everyone lived like a U.S. citizen, another four or five planets would be needed.

Global population is projected to increase by 2.5 billion by 2050. It doesn’t take an expert to conclude that collapse of civilisation will be unavoidable without major changes.

We’re facing a future where billions will likely die, and yet little is being done to avoid certain disaster, he said.

“Policy makers and the public aren’t terrified about this because they don’t have the information or the knowledge about how our planet functions,” he said.

Last March, the world’s scientific community provided the first-ever “state of the planet” assessment at the “Planet Under Pressure” conference  in London. More than 3,000 experts concluded humanity is facing a “planetary emergency” and there was no time to lose in making large-scale changes.

In 2010, a coalition of the national scientific bodies and international scientific unions from 141 countries warned that “the continued functioning of the Earth system as we know it is at risk”.

“The situation is absolutely desperate and yet there’s nothing on the front pages or on the agenda of world leaders,” said Pat Mooney, head of the international environmental organisation ETC Group.

“The lack of attention is a tragedy,” Mooney previously told IPS.

Solutions exist and are briefly outlined in the Ehrlich paper. However, these require sweeping changes. All nations need to do everything they can to reduce their emissions of fossil fuels regardless of actions or lack of them by any other country, he said.

Protection of the Earth’s biodiversity must take centre stage in all policy and economic decisions. Water and energy systems must be re-engineered. Agriculture must shift from fossil-fuel intensive industrial monocultures to ecologically-based systems of food production. Resilience and flexibility will be essential for civilisation to survive.

A key element in meeting this unprecedented challenge is “…to see ourselves as utterly embedded in Nature and not somehow separate from those precious systems that sustain all life”, writes England’s Prince Charles commenting on the Ehrlich’s paper.

“To continue with ‘business as usual’ is an act of suicide on a gargantuan scale,” Prince Charles concluded.

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  • Craig King

    When you read back over Ehrlich’s doomsday predictions since the 70’s the boy who cried wolf comes to mind.

  • DeSwiss

    ”The problems we face today cannot be solved by the minds that created them.” – Albert Einstein

  • Earl Hollis

    Maybe it only seems that way when one only considers events within the scope of their own lifetime. Humanity used to think about their children and grandchildren and wanted to leave the world a better place for them, but the current generation is so self-centered that they truly believe that the world begins and ends with them. Though the former is certainly false, the latter may very well prove true before the end of this century.

  • zlop


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  • Bruce Miller

    In fact: Americans can live even better lives, and so can all of humanity. First we must rid the world of the unsustainables, then we must look to the biological cycles and mimic them for all our processes of survival. Population control, and Solar, Wind, Wave, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal, Biological means of domestic energy supplies, all renewable = perpetual = eternal for America, and very careful land husbandry, soil and water protection, including Anaerobic sewage digestion for methane fuel and top soil building fertilizers, composting, (not from petroleum sources) absolutely mandatory. Corporate, capitalist ROI seeking without severe regulation must be banned. America can rid herself of dangerous nuclear wastes by feeding them to Chinese styled Thorium reactors which yield much energy, little and benign waste product. Even CANDU reactors form Canada do this in China today! Americans in their 20th century “Comfort Zone” will be forced by shear economics to move on to a 21st century reality, that may be even more comfortable? All depends on scientific and technological advances in America – you know, Nerd Power!

  • John Smith

    Expect nukes, war and mass population control,

    Love everyone unconditionally

  • $2469953

    Much more frightening than the possibility of a civilization collapse is that there are people in academia, politics and in the media which make a career out of making unfounded doomsday’s predictions, like above. By doing this they also make good money out of ordinary taxpayer’s pockets.

  • zlop


  • Egg Man

    Paul Ehrlich Fears Collapse of Global Civilization, Rise of ”Polar Cities” in Far North

    Experts on the health of our planet are terrified of the future. They can clearly see the need for Danny Bloom’s POLAR CITIES for survivors of climate chaos in the distant future, some 30 generations from now, and the eventual collapse of global civilisation from an array of interconnected environmental problems.

    “We’re all scared,” says Paul Ehrlich, president of the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford University.

    “But we must tell the truth about what’s happening and challenge people to do something to prevent it,” Ehrlich told a IPS reporter in Canada by email.

    Global collapse of human civilisation seems likely, write Paul and his partner Anne in the prestigious science journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society.

    This collapse will take the form of a “…gradual breakdown because famines, epidemics and resource shortages cause a disintegration of central control within nations, in concert with disruptions of trade and conflicts over increasingly scarce necessities, with millions trekking north to Alaska and Canada to take refuge in polar cities around the Arctic and in Tasmania and New Zealand, too”, they write.

  • Egg Man

    “To continue with ‘business as usual’ is an act of suicide on a gargantuan scale,” Prince Charles concluded, noting that “polar cities will surely be useful in providing shelter to my descendants some 30 generations from now, as climate chaos knocks planet earth with a knockout punch.”

  • Egg Man

    Stephan Malone has written a book that, if you read it carefully, will change your life and the way you look at the future. Read it in that spirit, and remember that life in so-called “polar cities”arrayed around the shores of an ice-free Arctic Ocean in a greenhouse-warmed world is coming down the road in the distant future.

    Not now, not yet. But soon. A hundred years? Three hundred years? Five hundred years. ”Soon!” (scare quotes mine).
    James Lovelock, who in 1972 conceived of Earth’s crust, climate and veneer of life as a unified self-sustaining entity, Gaia, foresees humanity in full pole-bound retreat within the next 500 to 1,000 years as areas around the tropics roast — a scenario far outside even the worst-case projections of climate scientists. Lovelock is serious, I am serious and Stephan Malone’s book is serious, too. Read it and weep for humankind. But also read it as a guide to taking action so that this nightmare scenario never has to happen.

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  • Rick O’Sheh

    Aha! Now every scientist who gets a timeline wrong in the long term prediction of a complex system is discredited? Ever worked in science, zlop?

  • Rick O’Sheh

    Sounds to me like “much more frightening than a car accident that kills my children is that some engineer out there makes money on developing sea belts.” Go home, “ordinary taxpayer”. And think a bit, next time, who makes money on your mortgage. And how much. And why. And what the impact of that are.

  • Rick O’Sheh

    Go and ask about the number of people globally who believe in the tunnel effect. Ask about the number of people who believe in gravitational time dilation. And then – go and ask about the number of people who believe in God. Do you believe in God, zlop?

  • zlop


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  • zlop


  • Moore Environmental

    A swift 57% population reduction would simultaneously reduce the carbon footprint and decrease the number of bloated gasbags while significantly increasing the IQ to population ratio.

  • jonny

    The question is whether the Emperor is now wearing clothes or still cavorting about naked whilst every sycophant tells him how dashing and how right and how fabulous he is.

  • jonny

    Without the preventing of human minds from developing for 5000 years, wealth generation would have been multiplied so many times the word “wealth” would have no meaning and wouldn’t likely even exist in our universal language of thought.

    But you all have to have your (exclusive) love and wallow in your misery as well. Toddlers. Can’t live with them, cannot feasibly treat them humanely.

  • jonny

    Almost. For Humanity to survive, humans must learn what it means to be humane. To permit suffering to suffer is inhumane. To permit malice to be malicious is inhumane. To permit liars to misrepresent deceit as truth is inhumane. To permit those who lack the capacity to contribute to leech is inhumane. To prevent those who wish to be at peace from being at peace is perhaps the Greatest Crime Against Humanity in the history of religious genocide.

  • jetgraphics

    I hold the opposite, politically incorrect view, that we need not fear population growth, but that we need to engineer the Earth to accommodate that growth.
    Environmental preservation (status quo) is genocidal, IMHO.
    We need environmental amplification, thickening the life bearing volume of the planet.
    Unfortunately, that kind of action requires long term planning, instead of short term profit taking. (Not to be confused with “top down” directives)
    It also requires a paradigm shift from “wealth creation” (financial manipulations and usury) to prosperity – the production, trade and enjoyment of surplus usable goods and services.
    Because doing more with less so more can enjoy builds happiness.
    Whereas doing less with more so few can enjoy builds misery.

  • zlop


  • jtrollla

    Ehrlich was dead WRONG in 1975 and he is dead WRONG again! He is a phony scientist–he is a shallow, opportunistic self-promoter.

  • zlop


  • zlop


  • Rev. Maryse Verkaik-Anand

    We, as species, are comparatively still in our nappies.

    Yet we have managed in a relatively short time to deplete our planets’ resources.

    However, we are the only species who use those resources – the oils, coals, and timber – in such quantities that they can not be replenished.

    Species come and go and although we are one of the last to come into existence, we are working hard on our own demise: just continue doing what we are good at: digging holes for ourselves.
    Do not worry about our planet: this planet has survived many calamities and has proven it can deal with them. I am confident she can deal with the pest called humans as well, in her own time…

  • zlop


  • randydutton

    Ehrlich wants attention, he’s fearful of having been proven irrelevant. Population growth has nearly stalled in western nations and is declining in some. If Ehrlich was so concerned about 3rd world populations where the increase continues, why isn’t he advocating an end to medical assistance’ end to food assistance; end to HIV, malarial, TB research; end to disaster relief. Why isn’t he railing against Islam promoting children?

    If he’s worried about water depletion, why then does he promote growing food-for-biofuel, which dramatically increases aquifer water, fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide use?

    If he’s worried about air pollution, why isn’t he complaining about ethanol in the fuel, which dramatically increases ground-level ozone, the biofuel feedstock growing need for fertilizer, which dramatically increases N2O emissions (296X worse than CO2)?

    If he’s worried about loss of biodiversity, why isn’t he railing against genetically modified life being designed to break down organic material for fuel and to sequester CO2? As I wrote in the novel, The Carbon Trap, mankind is creating lifeforms that could destroy the environment.

    Ehrlich is a hypocrite.

  • zlop


  • Stephen Leahy

    spare us your lunatic rantings

  • Stephen Leahy

    Believe what you wish. Insult Ehrlich all you like. That doesn’t change reality. The science is solid.

  • zlop


  • Great white north

    UN Agenda 21 is being installed

  • zlop


  • drumbeatdeva

    I suggest that Prince Charles starts making the changes that we need by giving 30% of the wealth of the royal family to the poorest and neediest people in England. All the royal families on the planet should do this. Fund an emergency contingency fund to relocate people in the event of emergencies and build them homes. Use the money to make sure everyone on earth has potable water… that everyone who needs a decent job has one. Take the assets of the 1% who have accrued most of the wealth of the world and use that money where it’s needed the most to assure the survival of everyone on the planet. It can be done… but yes, we are facing untold misery and suffering and death if we continue to allow the wealthiest to become even wealthier through their many schemes and scams.

  • jtrollla

    Okay. That doesn’t change the fact the Erlich was wrong (and still is). Also “established science” is a phony concept. Read Erlich’s THE POPULATION BOMB and draw you own conclusions.

  • zlop


  • jonny

    Yes that is all good and well but of course it is naive to imagine that the misery is an inadvertent byproduct when it’s clearly the meticulously arranged endame.

    Toddlers profit from misery. What use would they have for utopia? These are malicious, conniving, callous, sociopathic, entilted, emotional Toddlers. Of the sort that will kill or burn something they don’t understand, just in case! They won’t permit what you’re talking about so you’re effectively talking revolution.

    Doing less with more is all Toddlers do when they’re obsessed with generating misery to manipulate & leverage into increased power. Toddlers need the misery. They need to reduce. They need to destroy. They need to lord it over others in order to feel big.

    You’re talking about a revolution; rational anarchy or a much much newer New World Order?

  • pheausseaux

    In what way was he wrong? Have you tried to drive across LA lately? Just because you can get 30 people stuffed in a phone booth doesn’t mean they will be happy there.

  • metroeco
  • zlop


  • zlop


  • Jon Threlkeld

    I have. One month ago in fact. They are now up to 45 per phone booth.

  • nat

    Prince Charles and Prince Philip are TWO TOTALLY different people…with two totally opposing world philosophies!!!…one is a is good = Prince Charles…..don’t paint people with the same brush!

  • auntiegrav

    Einstein (and pretty much everyone else) is assuming that problems were intentionally created, rather than accidents of activities which were commenced randomly according to natural instincts. The more accurate statement would have been, “Random problems are rarely solved by random reactions.” The missing point is that humans don’t live in the real world. We develop a model of the world as we grow, and upon physical maturity, move all of our selves into the models we create, avoiding reality at all cost. The creation of civilization is a process of forming common models of the world/universe: usually through a process of propaganda and coercion (most common are religion, education, and money) that starts early and influences the individual for life (unless shattered and rebuilt).
    The Sleeple aren’t cognizant of the model as a model: that’s why it is so pervasive and why problems with reality(climate, resources) don’t seem to be addressed logically: they are not allowed into the model unless they are comfortable or unless a catastrophe forces them into the 6 billion separate models.

  • Carlito holmes

    until capitalism dies. we are doomed.

  • otropogo

    It’s remarkable that the Ehrlichs only mention scenarios that merely threaten social disruption, without posing any certain end to human civilization, and leave out those possibilities that could truly destroy the gains we have made over the past several hundred years, and quite possibly throw us back into the stone age:

    1. a solar EMP event severe enough to destroy our electrical infrastructure and all of our electronic tools and records,

    2. a severe, sudden onset, ice age caused by an outbreak of extreme vulcanism or an asteroid strike

    3. a huge increase in cosmic radiation caused by a sudden reversal of the magnetic poles

    The first of these would be particularly devastating, as it would likely result in severe radioactive contamination of most of the globe within a month or two, due to the explosion of the hundreds of nuclear power generating plants throughout the world bereft of cooling capacity for their cores. And this would have devastating effects on all higher life forms, not just man. One has to wonder why the Ehrlichs wouldn’t have this on the top of their list…

    Although they don’t say so specifically, the only possible way that their favourite concerns could be addressed with significant
    (though by no means necessarily beneficial) results is through a world government.

    I’m not surprised they don’t spell this out, since we are daily reminded of the corruption, ineptitude, and lack of transparency of governments in even the most democratic and educated states. We would have to ask ourselves “do we want these dishonest blunderers planning the future of the entire world?”.

    This is exactly what makes China, with its huge resources and monolithic power structure,such a scary figure on the world stage.

    The strength of the West, and of democracy generally, is not that it lets the majority of electors decide the course of government (heaven help us if it did!), but its pluralism, which allows a multitude of dissenting voices to be heard, greatly improving society’s chances of turning away from a disastrous course in time.

    If only academics and other “scientists” could understand this simple dynamic, we might have a chance to survive not only our own toxic experimentation, but perhaps even the barbs and boulders mother nature slings at us.

    Where we were going wrong was already evident when Western governments decided that a dissenting view of the Jewish Holocaust deserved criminal sanctions. Now we have democratic governments (as in France, recently) seriously considering making it a crime to question the significance anthropogenic global warming (AGW) as “climate change denial”. We now even deem “democratic” governments, such as that of Thailand, with “‘lese majeste” legislation that sanctions criticism of the head of state with imprisonment!

    We cannot afford to have lawyers and politicians decide what is adequate nuclear safety, or adequate protection for our electrical power grid, let alone what is historical reality or scientific truth. Yet that is exactly what has happened. Worse – we have allowed our academic and scientific communities to become dominated by people who are essentially lawyers and politicians flimsily veiled in PhDs.

    The greatest threat to the survival of civilization is, in fact, making our skeptics shut up.

    In the process of “preparing” for an unlikely and relatively trivial warming of the earth’s atmosphere, we could end up facing a very rapid and ultimately devastating cooling of the earth with our best tools for surviving are mothballed or dismantled, and our best scientific minds replaced by intellectual sheep herded by politically correct sociopaths.

  • earthsnightmare

    The wolf eventual did come.

  • jonny

    Yes. I do not know what is more unfathomable.

    1. That capitalism could ever be taken seriously by anybody when the simple game theory of unregulated commercial competition suggests winners are going to emerge; they’re going to monopolise or form cartels. Cue coercion and hijacked negotiations. Total power (if in control of a resource necessary for the sustainment of life, like fresh water?). Game over.


    2. That capitalism has been permitted to be presented as a legitimate economic theory without being forced to address the paradox of coercive monopolies emerging as victors in every sector.

  • david piney

    If humanity could be entrusted with the keys to unlock the energy of the quark — a clean, instantly available, unlimited energy supply — these “overcrowding” problems would largely disappear. This would result in the elimination of Hydrocarbon fuel pollution, and the cessation of nuclear energy and its waste; the abundance of desalinated water and the resulting blooming of former massive deserts with food crops; and the inevitable rise of fully automated manufacturing will free up labour, to tackle environmental cleanup and species renewal: and on and on it goes. It’s an abundant clean energy supply that we really need. And it’s clearly possible. If nature would just permit us the knowledge. But the big question is, is Man morally dependable enough to entrust the keys of creation with?

  • Waratah Nicholls

    there is enough for all our need just not for our greed

  • Yo!

    Happy that what I say for decade, since Highschool, recognised by ‘expert’… This civilisation will colapse like all other but in an infinitely worst disaster.

  • Phyl

    One People’s Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Governments for Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems

    17 February 2013

    By Andy Whiteley

    Co-Founder of Wake Up World and Being of the Creator

    Many of you have heard… many have not. Announced publicly on 25 December
    2012, the system of Corporate-Governmental rule has been foreclosed. Legally
    foreclosed… via one of its own mechanisms. The “Powers That Be” are now the “Powers That Were”. All debt has been erased and corporations – including but not limited to Corporate Governments and Banks – have been foreclosed.

    Sure, they may continue to play along in hopes we will play along with them. But thanks to a series of UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings made by the One People’s
    Public Trust (known as OPPT) the choice is now yours to make. A new framework for social governance is now in effect; a fact that has been ratified by the ‘legal’ framework of its corporate-controlled predecessor.

    Systemically speaking… WE ARE FREE!!

    (Get comfortable folks – this is a long article but it’s one you can’t afford to miss!!)

    One People’s Public Trust

    The conclusion of legal actions taken by the OPPT have generated a lot of excitement. And rightly so!The potential for positive change it creates is MOMENTUS!

    But before we get into the implications I’d like to present to you the “what happened” and “how” of the situation.

    Corporate-controlled Government and corporate-controlled Media refuse to announce their own demise – for obvious reason. So as informed global citizens, I believe
    our role is to understand what happened and how, so that we can inform others… and finally start the process of worldwide change we’ve all been waiting for.

  • Phyl

    One People’s Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Governments for Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems –

  • Phyl

    One People’s Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Governments for Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems

    “The UCC is a mechanism of commercial regulation in the United States of America. What effect do the UCC filings have outside the United States?”

  • Phyl

    One People’s Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Governments for Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems

    “The UCC is a mechanism of commercial regulation in the United States of America. What effect do the UCC filings have outside the United States?”

  • Helena de Troya

    We are headed directly to our cristed sun inside ourselves which will resurrect and ascend in victory and free ourselves from 3d boundaries, God bless you all, we are FREE,FREE!

  • Chris Corr

    Please see worldpreservationfoundation dot org for reasons (& reports on) why eating plant-based diets is one of the most important steps individuals or societies can take to reduce biodiversity loss, climate change (SLCFs), water and land use, nitrogen pollution, desertification, etc, while enabling greater natural resilience of ecological (and agricultural) systems. Plant-based eating can also optimal for human health with regards to nutrition also.

  • Marie S. Rottschaefer

    We must put away everything from being crass to supporting crime if we engage in such. We must act as a species, Homo sapiens. The global crisis is so serious that we hover between continuing our evolution and spiraling down to extinction. I have been working on this issue as an ordinary citizen for about 40 years so I don’t speak lightly. What does it take for us to join together and make this our number one priority i.e. restore people and planet with its other inhabitants and infrastructure as best we can and hope that mother nature will surprise us pleasantly? We need to shout at our world leaders.

  • John

    Nothing you do can stop what has started and what is coming. We are lulled like sheep by capitalist TV and propaganda. We distracted with the little toys they give us to play with like iphones and ipads. We brainwashed by stupid movies portraying the future as one of modernity. We educate our children with technology that will be useless to them. We sleep at night because of green washing. i.e that somehow we can sustain all this with wind farms and solar panels. I have analysed this for years now. There are two possible outcomes. 85% of the world populations dies off now from a virus (that’s the good outcome!) Or we carry on completely destroying everything in the death throws of the capitalist system and effectively 100% of the population will die. There will be nothing left for the few survivors. Capitalism is like the Doomsday machine in Dr Strangelove. Once you switch it on you can’t switch it off. So really there is nothing to do other than pray for a global pandemic and then pray you not one of the 6 billion. Please understand this. There is NO solution with 7 Billion people. We are quite literally living on borrowed time.

  • John

    Infinite Growth + finite resources = total collapse.

  • Phyl

    Mankind has journeyed through lifetimes in which false concepts,
    beliefs, and fears were blindly accepted as the truth and in our
    ignorance, we gave away our power….It is time to embrace the truth of
    who we are and what we are doing here. Information is now pouring in
    from multiple Sources of Light. Events of great energy and change have
    begun taking place and reached a peak in 2012 but continues beyond. It
    is crucial that we be informed with truth, and thus be prepared as
    change occurs.

    There is absolutely no need for fear. For us and for Gaia; this is a graduation. – woohoo! BRING IT ON !

  • 13thMonkey

    Capitalism. Let’s see now. Infinite growth with finite resources and unsustainable populations. The sheeple have no idea what is coming. Maybe that is a good thing. The Capitalist system (aka the Doomsday machine) is not designed to commit suicide. It’s designed so that we all go down with the ship. The dominoes are all lining up for our extinction. The best bit. There is not much you can do about it. There is only one very sobering solution. Around 80% of the world population need to die off really soon. Then we might stave off extinction. Oops too much reality.. Back to my moronic TV shows, junk food, stupid job and my slave like capitalist existence. LOL it will all be over soon.

  • Homo dumbshiticus

    Yes but unfortunately capitalism takes no prisoners. “No one here gets out alive”. A few of us have awakened but after a few months you will simply resign yourself to the fact that unless a catastrophic event kills off 80% of us, there is no hope. The best you can hope for is determining how you die.

  • 13thMonkey

    Forget about co2. Massive methane release is going to be the knockout blow. Methane is deadly. Of course you need to add that to the never ending list of very thin threads that our civilisation hangs on. Peak oil, peak phosphates, dying oceans, 7 billion people, fertilizer, lack of biodiversity in food supply, GM foods, jellyfish, fungus killing off all the plane trees in France, fungus killing all amphibians globally etc etc. etc.

  • 13thMonkey


  • Homo Dumshiticus

    You don’t need any of these. Our civilisation is going to collapse soon with or without these events. You are right though. The author is delusional. Renewables aka Green washing will make the problem worse. You need to understand physics and EROEI to know why. There is no solution with 7 Billion people. It will be reset for the survivors back to the stone age.

  • 13thMonkey

    Sorry I missed the part about finite resources and completely unsustainable populations? What you are discussing is one of the stages of capitalism but missing the final stage which a mathematical certainty. Total collapse.

  • Homo dumshiticus

    I agree with many of your points BUT I think you forgot the key point for this Utopia to have a hope of succeeding. 7 billion only exist because of fossil fuel i.e. you need to lose a few billion. Trying to sustain current levels is ludicrous. Any school of thought that entertains the notion that if we simply change the game plan we can maintain a business as usual approach is doomed to failure. We don’t need population control, we need massive population reduction. That’s reality. Check the birth and death stats for the US. If no child was born for the next 10 years it would barely make a dent in the population. We don’t have 10 years!!

  • 13thMonkey

    Wrong. Fallacy number 1. The problem is just energy. It isn’t. You might want to have a look at phosphate reserves or how commercial fertilizer is made and what it’s made from, or the difference between cheap portable potent oil energy and energy delivered in the form of electricity. Completely different. Fallacy number 2 and this another biggy. If you have land you can simply grow crops on it. Wrong. Give it a go. Tell me how it goes. The deserts. LOL. PS Iron ore is finite, phosphates are finite, oil and gas finite. In a nutshell you live in a capitalist induced dreamworld.

  • Phyl

    JANUARY 22, 2012 Arcturian Group
    We see many starting to awaken; starting to recognize that there is change coming and much already here with regard to the way that life has been lived up to this time. We see many are beginning to let go of the idea that there is only one way to accomplish things, or only one way of understanding an issue. This is progress dear ones, because this means that more and more are opening up to the energies
    of light now pouring onto your planet. As a result, many who heretofore lived in fear and obedience, are starting to take back their power.

    It is time to let go. We have made this statement many times before, but we must say it again. You cannot carry that which is old and finished with you into the new energy, it is of a higher frequency. This is why many of you are experiencing headaches, flu like symptoms, ringing ears, sleep problems, and various aches and pains; you are releasing cellular memory and old dense energy still stored within your energy fields from lifetimes. Much is to be accomplished in the next few months. If you choose to remain a bystander, living life as usual, that is fine, it is your choice. But again we say, you cannot take the old and untrue energy with you into the new.

    We see much about to occur with regard to world financial situations. Many countries are beginning to question, and amongst themselves are talking about new and better ways of financial working but you do not hear about these things, because your news is not open and true. It is on your Internet that you must search for the more open news.

    Do not be afraid dear ones, things will occur that may cause you to doubt or fear, but all is proceeding according the plan. All is moving into a higher resonance of seeing and being. Nothing real is ever nor can be, lost. Some things may seem to be lost, but if they are the manifestation of your state of consciousness, they will then reappear on a new and higher level; remember, your state of consciousness governs your world. This is why successful businesses are often sold, but then quickly fail, for a business expresses the consciousness of the owner and a new owner consciousness may be very different.

    Many are finding their work moving in new directions. Try not to hold to what you have done in the past, but allow your work, whatever it may be, to unfold and new ways. The mantra of “this is the way we have always done it” will begin to ring very hollow for some.

    Old beliefs of everything are shifting; government, healthcare, relationships, foods, entertainment–all are changing and shifting-if you allow it. All have free will and can choose to stay in third dimensional energy, moving into the higher frequencies at a later time. Some are choosing to leave because they realize that they will not have enough time to complete their life lessons. These dear ones are choosing to leave now and then come back into the new energy at a later date. Know that all have been given the choice as to whether they wish to stay or leave during this time of shift. This choice is made on a deeper consciousness level, so many now preparing to leave do not realize that this was their free will choice.

    Please do not fear, hate, or even love death. There is no death; what you call death is simply a change of location. a going back home, for you are spiritual beings, not physical. Those who excessively mourn the dead–building altars and calling out day after day, cause their loved ones to stay attached to earth and hamper their journey of evolutionary understanding.

    It is time to realize the illusory nature of all third dimensional appearances. It is time to understand that the the world is not an illusion, it is your perception of the world that is the illusion. Many have gotten tripped up in this fine point, saying to themselves; “Oh well, this situation is only an illusion.” The sick or sinning person you see before you is not an illusion, it is your concept of him that is the illusion. Recognizing this distinction is imperative, for only as the spiritual student begins to understand this, can he begin to see through the negative as well as positive appearances of the third dimension– good and bad are both just ends of the same duality stick. Being in third dimensional energy is like observing every activity of life through a stained glass window. You see it, but in a distorted way.

    With the recognition of the illusory nature of appearances, you begin to realize reality– everything is Source manifesting as… All that is real is governed by Divine law and can never be changed or eliminated. If disease resided within Divine consciousness, governed by Divine law, no one anywhere or at any time ever would be able to cure it.

    Ponder this dear ones.

    We are the Arcturian Group 1/22/2012

  • Not In My Name

    Can you shoot yourself to get the ball rolling?

  • Homo Dumbshiticus

    No but I can shoot you. In a heartbeat. Because I’m prepared and you are the problem. People who cannot see what is going on around them. People with blind faith in technology and the puppets in power. If you fully understood the problem (which clearly you don’t) you would realise there is no other way. It’s the laws of physics. Don’t you have a video game to play or some reality TV to watch?

  • Ben Dover

    It’s too late. Sorry.

  • Richard

    Thank God. I was beginning to think they didn’t have a plan! I’m not being sarcastic. Thank heavens!!

  • Replyer

    You are awfully arrogant and a know-it-all (mein fuhrer).

  • Adam Raymond Ravenhurst

    do your part and don’t breed.

  • lolzzzzz

    Doesn’t take an expert to figure this out, infact, you’d have to be a complete retard to not see whats happening

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