No Escape for Palestinian Women Forced into Prostitution

This article was deleted because, due to a technical problem, it was sent out automatically on the IPS wire before editing by the news agency central desk. IPS apologizes for such involuntary mistake.

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  • Vivian

    this article is RIDICULOUS! Beit Anisa is just a BAR, no human trafficking, no brothel, no prostitution going on! How did the writer come up with this??? This is such bad journalism. Anybody who would know ANYTHING about Ramallah would know that this is such BS. Wow IPS, check the journalist before you hire them, this woman has absolutely no clue what she is talking about.

  • phoebe

    where is the evidence proving beit anisa is a brothel!!?? this is crazy. i’ve been there countless times and can say it’s a close to a brothel as a starbucks.

  • tucking_fwit

    Vivian you appear not to be the brightest bulb in the box. If you’d read the article properly and what the women’s organisations who researched the subject as well as Unifem had to say after interviewing police, prostitutes etc., you would realise that brothels in Ramallah don’t operate openly but double up as bars/nightclubs and restaurants and other businesses.

  • Khaled

    Fundamental errors ?? This is RIDICULOUS! the article contained a false and highly dangerous informations. The IPS should publish a clear apology to Beit Aneeseh. and fire the journalist who allows her/his-self to describe a perfectly well known bar of Ramallah as a brothel without any proof whatsoever, any contradiction, any interview, without even getting inside to check it out.