Stories written by Erna Curry
Erna Curry works as radio journalist from Cape Town, South Africa. She also works in community media projects with non-governmental organisations and social movements.

AFRICA: Childhood Blindness – Catch Them Young

Every minute, somewhere in the world, a child goes blind according to the World Health Organization. Three in five poor children who go blind are likely to die within two years of losing their sight - yet half of cases of childhood blindness are avoidable.

SOUTH AFRICA: Convention To Secure Decent Work for Domestic Workers

Despite formal recognition of domestic workers' rights in South Africa, they still face a struggle for fair treatment.

Noncedo Pulana and her children in Khayelitsha Credit:  Erna Curry/IPS

SOUTH AFRICA: New, Assertive Women’s Voices in Local Elections

Noncedo Pulana lacks many things, but she is certainly not short of confidence as she prepares to stand for election as Khayelitsha ward councillor. She feels her long years as an activist in the sprawling township have prepared her to do a better job.

A week of action against what activists describe as a Secrecy Bill concluded with a march on parliament. Credit:  Davison Makanga/IPS

SOUTH AFRICA: Draft Bill Is ‘A Charter for Rogues’

A coalition of civil society groups marched to South Africa's Parliament on Oct. 27 to protest against the draft version of a new Protection of Information Bill. "This bill is a betrayal of all the democratic principles we fought for," anti-apartheid stalwart Kader Asmal told the crowd.


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